Zola-noro-ama "Zo" Jenkins


14 (both human and witch)

Witch powers

Time travel


Kaida Greenstone

"Zo" Jenkins is the unspoken leader of The Weirdo Trio, which also consists of Snap and Brick. Out of the three of them, she was the first of them to talk; however eventually Snap gained her voice as well. Also, Zo's the only one who can keep Brick under control and the only one who was able to understand Snap's confusing language. She is one of the few witches who actually look their age. In the witch/wizard world, she is considered a littlie, and she hates it, for she thinks that littlies don't do much. (They do, but not as much as adults). Her favorite color is pink, her witch power is time travel, and she has a British accent when she speaks. Her half sister is Kaida Greenstone, and it is unknown why they have different last names, although this is probably because they have different fathers. She also bears a striking resemblance to Christalyn. She also has found a special friend in Dawn. She is also a part of the Time Travel Trio, or the T.T.T. for short, with Dawn and Goldfish, although she is more likely to be hanging out with her Weirdo Trio friends. Snap describes her to be a "worrywart".