"I'm a PC and Windows 7 was MY idea!" The dude on the commercial said.

"Oh Pshaw! He couldn't think of something as awesome as Windows 7! I t was MY idea!" Goldfish said.

"Yeah, I'm gonna believe that!" Agent sarcastically said

"No seriously! I had a summer job there coming up with ideas!" Goldfish defended.

"Okay, if it WAS your idea,call Bill Gates" Agent suggested

"Okay...Hey, yo B-Man! Wassup! Yeah, my friend Agent doesn't beleive that Windows 7 was my idea. Tell him"

"Yeah, windows 7 was the G-Fish's idea." Bill gates explained on the phone

"Asduf?" Agent asked

"Uhhhh...Uhhhh...gotta go bye!" The phone was hung up.

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