I think it's 15, but whatever.... Anyways, Mari, this is a series of blogs where we discuss story ideas, mess with each others followers, and just generally be as random as possible. Hence, the title. And speaking of discussing things, I am using my new manga creator toy that I got for Christmas to turn our old story The Truth? or the Dare??? into a comic. (For those of you who are wondering, TTotD is a story about our record shattering (jumping over every moon in the universe? Hello-oh?) game of Truth or Dare.) I'm at the part wher Calista says "I was trying to blow up the place!" Unfortch, I had to stop there because I have no idea what Calista looks like nor can I find her picture. (This is geared mostly towards Raya, but whatever...) If you have a character/ multiple characters who appear in the story yet don't have a picture attached to their character pages, please remedy this. If you have a character/ multiple characts who don't appear in the story (yet) but they still don't have a picture of them on their character pages, please contrubute to the organization of this wiki by fixing that. (God, I sounded so professional just then...) Also, when are we planning to finish TTotD? It would help me out tons because I'm OCD in that I refuse to finalize my comic until I finish it. Anywhat, in order to finish the story, we have to, um, continue it... (ahem... Agent, that's your cue...) And it would be awesome if we could continue a couple of our other stories as well: AiM:II, TB, etc... God, I love to ramble Who does that remind me of again?

6: Not me.

Me: No, not 6 of course.

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