Yep, you heard me, my schools' Halloween party! It was awesome!

1 We got dressed up in our costumes and then went out to reccess then played around! Then My 3rd best friend (mr crush ^////^) Isaiah came over to me1 I asked what he was supposed to be, and I found out he was a FBI agent! Then my #1 Best friend was a witch and my 2nd was a surgeon!

2 We went to lunch. I HAS A SANDWICH! (LOL XD)

3 Then we set up for the party! I had cheetos and a popcorn ball and chocolate brownie and stuff. Then they put on the Time Warp song. And apparently my homwroom teacher and my math teacher, were doing the time warp! Because everyone was cheering! I MISSED IT! :( But we had a good time!. My worst enemy came over to me and said "What are oyu supposed to be!?!" like i was a hobo. And the funny thing was that SHE was a hobo for Halloween!

4 We had to go back to our class rooms and get undressed and dressed again! :(

And then we went home!!

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