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I am leaving this wikia.... I just cant be going on here anymore. So i will make a picture that is like a memory of Cella. So. I will talk to you here until the seventh. my leaving day and the day i post my picture... Farewell my people. I gotta move on. I know im just like telling you. straight like that but. It cant be more simple *shrug* school. homework. and other websites. I just cant fit in everything..... so ones gotta go. I have made dissision and the one to go was this website... :'( im sorry guys. I might return some day. but most certinly will NOT be returning the day after i leave. (i say this because i have done that before xD) So. i will start on my farewell picture... But you guys CAN STILL TALK TO ME. on this site!!!![1] if you just make an account. ill try to tell you when im on so i can be friends with you. You will see me as a Blue duck called ..... Lady Purplemonkey. its kinda complicated and all but you will get it. Make sure not to mess up anything you do. or your life on ToonTown will be kinda limited. (off topic are we!?!) so. i guess this is it.... Bye.... :'( (on the seventh)

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