Ultra Violet


202 (witch) 11-12 (human)

Witch power

Can create a strange purple light/ the ability to draw things to life

Fraternal Twin

Infra Red

Ultra Violet is one of the RayaWitches, and is from the witch/wizard world. Though her full name is Ultra Violet, most call her just Violet, even Vi. She has a twin brother named Infra Red. She can be very energetic. Someone once stated she was a rather mysterious witch, because sometimes she isn't around, and when she shows up, you don't see her come in. Ultra Violet sometimes disappears randomly without warning. She has neon purple hair that is usually tied in two braids and wears white boots. She can create a beam of a strange neon purple light, though no one is quite sure exactly what it does. Violet can also draw things to life. She seems to hang out with Christalyn more than everyone else.