Well, it officially started with a commnt about the DecaVampires, by agentgoldfish.

Agent: What's next? DecaWereWolves? DecaFaries? DecaMermaids? Where does it end?! DecaGiants? DecaTrolls? DecaElves? DecaCentaurs?

Raya: DecaGriffins , DecaDragons...?

Agent: I know right! Where does it stop! DecaGoblins?!

Goldfish! OOOOH! I wanna make 9 more of me! DecaGoldfish!


Smilez: DecaHamBats?

Marcella: DecaGossipGirls?

At that moment, a scratching noise was heard...

Kanidio: Sounds like...8 werewolves!

A werewolf walks in

Werewolves: Number 1!!!!

Number 1: Well, I'm afraid I don't recognize you...

Kanidio: I believe they were talking to ME! I knew this would come back to me sometime, I am the Number 1 of a DecaGroup...The DecaWereWolves, and my full name is Kanidious Simpson-Flanders.

Goldfish: HA! Simpson-Flanders! HAHAHAHAHA-(Gets mauled by werewolves)

Kanidio: STOP!

DWw2: But, this human, he mocked our name!

Kanidio: This is no ordinary human, he is Goldfish Darkskull.

All DWws: GOLDFISH DARKSKULL!? The mythical Goldfish Darkskull?

Goldfish: You're a werewolf, and you're calling ME mythical? (gets mauled again)


10 Fairies fly in

Fairy number 1: We are th DecaFairies and we- (get mauled by DWws)

Kanidio: Look, you guys are too savage for me to keep you out of trouble.

Hunter: Wow, Kanidio. I didn't know you were-


Tom: What did i say?

Luca: Wow, that is stupid, he was clearly talking to HUNTER!

Agent: ANYWAY! while this is quite interesting, i just won a radio contest for cruise tickets for everyone in the room!


on said cruise...

Goldfish: Umm, Six, are those mermaids?

Number 6: Why, yes yes they are! But why'd you ask me?

Goldfish: Well, you're the only one over here...

Number 6: Oh, right...

Mermaid 1: We are the DecaMermaids. and we-

the ground starts to shake (They're near the shore)


Everyone runs over to where Goldfish and 6 are

Hunter: No, that's-10 GIANTS! How do they hide from human eyes, anyway?

Luca: No time for logic, we gotta help some witches, pixies, werewolves, and mermaids calm down some giants!

Goldfish: Yeah, because normal people do that EVERY day...That was sarcasm for you idiots.

Agent:You mean like you?

Zo: Wait, what's happening with Brick?

(Brick starts to shake violently. The giants do the same. Brick flies over to the giants and gives the female in the lead a hug. She returns it.)

Number 6: Aaaaw, I think Brick finally found her mom!

Everyone: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......................

Zo: But wait, isn't she a little small to have a giant for a mother?

Number 6: Do realize that her dad could've been a wizard.

Zo: Oh.

Goldfish: DUH! wait, what is that? They're way smaller than the giants, but bigger than us...Are they trolls? Aw come on! Decatrolls!?

DT1:What about us?

Goldfish: Oh no! Just as the quack-

Agent: You mean you?

Goldfish: This is your LAST warning, Agent! Anyway, as I was saying, just as the quack predicted! It's The Invasion of the DecaGroups!

Agent: Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!

blayn, clewent, and 8 other elves walk in

Blay'n: Ello ello ello

Goldfish: Let me guess, the DecaElves?

Clew'nt: Yes, how did YOU know, Goldfish Darkskull?

Goldfish: Look. DecaWitches, DecaPixies, DecaWerewolves, DecaMermaids, DecaFairies, DecaGiants, DecaTrolls. It never ends! Oh, and you know my name?

Clew'nt: That's not a good thing. Let a few more come, and we have a way to get rid of them.

Agent: Well, how come you can't just do it right now?

Blay'n: Umm, because we uh...NEED MORE PEOPLE!

Hunter: Or, we could just send them through time heh heh heh.

Goldfish: OF COURSE! Wait, we need a big portal for that. ZO! DAWN!

Zo and Dawn: WHAT!?

Goldfish: Hunter suggested that we just send our little decafriends through time heh heh heh...Do i need to say heh heh every time?

Hunter: Yes, yes you do!

JoJo: Wait, before you guys go, Blay'n, can I see that naughty-nice checker-thing of yours?

Blay'n: Oh, sure. (Pulls out naughty-nice checker and is about to hand it to JoJo when it fizzles out due to her ultimate naughtiness. She cracks up) Ah! Every single year, I fall for that trick! EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

Dawn: Why through time? I think you need Meagan.

Agent: Hey, it was hunter's idea...Yeah, why time anyway?

Hunter: I thought, ya know, maybe if it was time, then they would cause a paradox, and uhh, destroy themselves...But just sending them somewhere else could work in theory, but why not both? I mean, they'll never find us in a mazillion years if they went through time and the earth.

Goldfish: I couldn't have thought of a better plan.

So they sent all the decagroups to Kilok in the year 3000. They were never heard from again...or were they?