Sparkleworks Loriza


12 (witch) 11 (human)

Witch power





Sparkleworks Emma Loriza, (better known as Sparkles or Dazzle to her friends) is a witch from the witch and wizard world. She is 12 years old. Sparkleworks has white-blonde hair with little colored flecks in it. Sparkles is one of the nice witches you'll find around. She has the power of SpellCraft. She doesn't use a wand. That's just in human stories. Spells don't have to rhyme, but sometimes Sparkleworks makes them rhyme just for the fun of it. She got her name because when you say it, sparkles appear and fly everywhere. As 6 once said, "Basically, sparkles are the key to awesome." When someone tries to mess with her spell-casting powers, she usually finds a way out of it. She doesn't have a favorite color, she likes every color. In fact, she's never met a color she didn't like.

One of the RayaWitches

(And special thanks to AgentGoldfish for the fireworks idea)