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We have Pixies too!!!

Welcome to the Phineas and Ferb Followers Wiki! Here you can write stories about anyone from Goldfish Darkskull to Mysti the Rayawitch to JoJo the DecaWitch to Stella the Hummingbird.

Newest story

Adventures in Mythology I: Ancient Greece

Newest Characters

Zinnah Alice



The writers here are Smilez221, RayaQuest, Emilylover224, Daisy56 (Randompnfnerd), FadhilPF, and AgentGoldfish. We write stories of all kinds.We also have many groups of characters.

The Monster Hunters

The RayaWitches and RayaWizards

The DecaPixies

The DecaWitches

and many more!

We have many stories, such as:

The Kuzbainian Counterparts and the Quest to Find Kuzbainian RayaQuest

How Emylee Lova Came To Be

The Work of the Dream Patchers: Keeping Two Worlds Apart

To learn about our characters, check out our character pages!

Some of them are:




Number 1




Goldfish Darkskull

If you want to write with us, leave something on our talk pages. Thank you!--RayaQuest Smilez221 AgentGoldfish

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