Joanna Jones "JoJo" Parkson, DecaWitch #4
Number 4



Witch power

Able to control books and bring book characters to life; able to write better than anyone else and pull pen and paper out of nowhere; able to see the future; able to kill with a single glance into her eyes; any and all psionic powers

Witch sisters

Number's 1-3, Number's 5-10

Number 4 is the most mysterious DecaWitch of them all. During the witch-making process, Number 1 made some sort of mistake, although that mistake is unknown, that disables her ability to talk and smile, plus now she can see the future, and kill people with her "death stare", similar to Medusa of Greek mythology, that can only be sheilded by her trademark dark sunglasses. The mistake also gives her every psychic power in existence, including telekenisis, super-mind-reading, mindcasting, and the ability to communicate psychically. Since she can't talk, her thoughts are publicized by her best friend, Number 5. When she isn't around to translate, she'll pull pen and paper out of nowhere to write her message across. Her worst enemy is Number 3. Her favorite color is green. Back Home, she leads the bookworm/ psychic sector. On rare occasions, and when she is communicating psychically, she is able to "find" her voice.