Joanna Jones "JoJo" Parkson, DecaWitch #10
JoJo Parkson
10 as she appears today





Witch power

Controlling the eight elements: fire, ice, thunder, water, earth, wind, darkness, and light

Witch sisters

  1. 's 1-9
Number 10, or JoJo as the citizens of Danville call her, is the last of the DecaWitches, the leaders of the witch/wizard world. She is also the second-in-command to 1's alpha status, as they are best friends. After crash-landing in Danville and losing her powers, 10 mostly spends her time in Danville with her newfound friends, although if she ever gets Home-sick (as 7 likes to call it), one of her witch sisters always comes back to pick her up. She has a special connection with Ferb, and claims to have been dating him for a couple of weeks, although no one is exactly sure if this is true or not. 10, being an evil witch, loves to piss people off, and is especially distrustworthy to those who appear to be a threat (i.e., Didi for having a crush on Ferb). Her worst enemy is Number 9; their animosity towards each other is so intense that 10 actually made a boyfriend for her out of duct tape, using her hatred towards her, the fact that 10's favorite color is gold and 9's is silver, and the saying "Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver" as her inspiration.