Mijanda was a caretaker of children with powers. She was literally born a star, as she used to be the star Sirius, but decided to abondon her star life and become a "cosmic cretaker". As originally being a star, she automatically received the power of StarDust. She has blond hair, and dark brown skin with orange-yellow eyes. She took care of Alice and Zinnah since they were one month old since their parents disappeared into a black hole. She showed the twins how to use their powers, and when Alice with received the AstroAmulet, she showed her how to control it. When she was raising Alice and Zinnah, she was also taking care of Mateo, an Risbian orphan. When Zinnah turned evil, she was stripped of her powers because of her supposed fail in raising Zinnah "the right way." She now lives on the asteroid Ceres.