This is an upcoming story about Mysti.

Part 1 Edit

Mysti was sitting at home thinking. Something didn't feel right, as if the world was still and tense, as if waiting for some- BOOM. A huge explosion interrupted her thoughts. She flew over to the nearest window and gasped in horror.There was smoke everywhere, explosions, and fires... A small group of witches and wizards were trying to fend it all off, but it was no use. There where screaming and shouting coming from all over. Mysti backed away from the window. No, no this couldn't be happening..... Her mother father, and sister Meagan flew in in a blur. "Now Mysti!" screamed her father, "We've got to get out of here!" They quickly stepped out the door. "But where do we go?" asked Mysti anxiously. She was answered by a short shiek by Meagan. A small meteor cloaked in fire was streaking through the air right toward Meagan. Hardly knowing what she was doing, Mysti leaped in front of her, and held out her hands, bracing herself. The meteor froze. The fire flickered for a moment, then died. Mysti shivered. She felt dizzy. Then meteor burst, and shards of rock flew everywhere.

(more soon)