Several millenia (official), younger than Number 2 (unofficial), early to mid-50's (human)

Wizard powers

Able to sound like every Earthling ever and speak every Earthling language. Sometimes able to impersonate other beings and speak other languages.

Wizard brothers

Sean, Kingston, Ferb, several others...

Jay is 2's special wizard, or "DecaWizard", as the DW's call it. He is, as Smilez describes him, "part Vin, part Hatsuharu-san, and part Demyx, with a twist of Doofenshmirtz". Generally, he's a total spaz, and will jump whenever someone says his name, enters the room, or says the word "spaz" within hearing distance. When he's not spazzing out, he will be seen shaking and wringing his hands nervously. He is known for apoligizing every time he spazzes out, and will oftentimes bow.

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