Life Span

110 years

Places they live

Earth, Fairy Forest (A place on Earth that only fairies know where it is) , Serah Village (located on Alcina Island)

Normal Fairy Skills and Abilities

Can jump very high, can drift to the ground, can charm objects, some can fly

Examples of Fairies

Galen, Ella,Macy,Pepe,Blaze,Jack,Sosuke

A fairy from our world is actually not tiny, they are just a bit smaller than humans. For example, if a fairy was 10 years old, they would be a few inches shorter than an average 10 year old human. They normally live for 110 years.

They have they ability to jump very high with acrobatic skill, and when they fall off of high places they drift to the ground.

Once they are old and responsible enough, they gain the the skill of charming, will allows them to charm a stick, (or any object) which lets the user cast a small spell or two. Some learn to be great alchemists.

Most fairies don't have wings,only about 15 out of 100 do. A fairies' wings are small. Even if the fairy has wings, they aren't always there. They only appear when the fairy needs them.

Some fairies carry around weird looking staffs.

Fairies don't have their own language. They usually speak English, but other times, strangely, they speak Japanese.