Emylee Lova


11 (witch), somewhere in adulthood (human)



Witch powers


Emylee (pronounced like "Emily") is one of the sketchier witches around. Her large skirt and bag combine together to form a kind of tent, where Emylee performs her buisness: potion-making. She can create any kind of potion you can think of, and then some - but her services come at a price. Often times, she'll ask for money, though on occasion she'll send you on nearly impossible quests to find something - usually Ottsel fur. One warning: don't ask her about her tattoos. Ever. You can get to know her better in the story, "How Emyle Lova Came to Be". She recently decided to close her potion buisness and open a bar type of place, serving drinks to witches and wizards who have surpassed the age of 20.