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Dill "Fatboy" Anshar






Danville, US


Jakarta, ID, 19 JUL 1997


None present (in the stories)

Hair and eye colour

Dark Brown and Dark Blue


Pilot, Ship Captain, Technological Advisor of The O.W.C.A., Technological engineering, Architectural engineering, Elevator engineering, building tester, Astronaut, Engineer, SAR Pilot, and more!

Inventions/Architectural Creations/Creations

Tri State Tower, N.S. Atlantis, Venture Waterfront Resorts, Danville Security Subnet.

First appearance

New Neighbor from Asia

Dill, sometimes also called Faddy, Fatboy or Fatman, was one of Phineas and Ferb's (and almost everyone else, except Irving) accidental good friends (close as best friends) that they met in their backyard. Dill moves to Danville because of the pandemonium that is going on in his country. Dill was a joke guy, even when people forgot to laugh. Dill always tries his best to be Americans, for he was still a complimentary 1-year resident because of the riot. Dill was one of Phineas and Ferb's fans, bigger than Irving, but he managed be a FRIEND, not a STALKER.

Dill was once terrorized by Buford, but Dill can tease his mouth off if he was feeling disturbed (Don't Say That Word) and he was an expert at the USA's geography and history, that makes Irving astonished and mad (New neighbor from Asia). Dill is an expert pilot, more professional than Phineas and Ferb, though he needs a little tutorial on Phineas and Ferb's redesigned aircraft (New neighbor from Asia). Dill was also hired in the International Airport as an ATC controller (Gate 33). Dill was a very brilliant expert at technology, once again, more than the twins, but he had no building skills except for designing.

Dill's parents status remains unknown as they flee when the terrorism sabotage hits their continent, with Dill shipped to Danville with help from his uncle. Dill was an unlucky child, more unlucky than Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella (Interview by Emily Kinney you know what...). Dill was older than Phineas and Ferb (13). His height was 5 feet and 6 inch.

Abilities, Achievements and SkillsEdit

  • He was the best pilot in the Phineas and Ferb gang, and even more, in the whole Tri-State area as he first settled in the United States
  • Dill has the ability to overpower Airport law (Upgrade to Business Class for free, using staff immigration for his friends, canceling a plane schedule)
  • Expert ATC controller
  • He was also known as a ship captain (Yacht Yacht)
  • He redesigned Danville's internet system and cyber-security system
  • He was a tech expert
  • He was later a master driver/pilot/captain/commander of every vehicle, even the train (The Last Of The Best Inventors:The Movie)


  • Phineas: Best friends since first met
  • Ferb: Best friends since first met
  • Isabella: Best friends
  • Baljeet: Normal friends
  • Buford: Normal friends
  • Irving: Nemesis (he feels another fanboy has filled his slot and decided to get rid of him)
  • Irving (five years in advance): Normal friends
  • Emily: Normal friends
  • Perry and other agents: Colleagues (in OWCA)
  • Fireside Girls: Normal friends
  • Doofenshmirtz: Normal friends
  • Goldfish: Normal friends (and almost enemies)
  • The Secret Knowers: Unknown
  • Isabelle: Bad friends
  • Alex: Best friends
  • Vicky: Friends
  • Daisy & Didi: Normal friends
  • Honey: Normal friends
  • Meagan: Normal friends
  • Stan: Mortal enemy
  • Other Normal Followers: Unknown
  • Katie

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