Dawn Froza


493 (witch) 11 (human)

Witch power

Able to control light and ice/ able to time travel


Becca Froza

Crush/ Friend

Jacob Tripelet

Dawn Froza is one of the RayaWitches, and is from the witch/wizard. Her special talent is to control two elements, Light (Dawn) and Ice (Froza). She also has the ability to time travel. She is the older sister of Becca Froza. She has a friendly personality, and always encourages her sister, and her friends to do their best. She has also found a special friend in Zo, and considers her as her best friend. She also really likes Snap, and she's like a little sister to her. Dawn also belongs to The T.T.T. (Time Travel Trio) with Zo and Goldfish.

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