Christie Ko Lean Ayin Flin
Christlyn (4 RayaQuest)


699 (witch) 11 (human)

Witch power

Able to summon and communicate with animals

Animal companions

Kiko the Ariga Panda.

Her birth name is Christie Ko Lean Ayin Flin, although she goes by "Christalyn" Flin for short. Christalyn is one of the RayaWitches, from the witch/wizard world. She has neon blue hair. She bears a striking resemblance to Zo. Her special talent is she is able to summon and communicate with animals. She has an Ariga Panda companion Kiko. She also has an animal companion Juliet the cat, although Juliet doesn't always follow her, she's just there sometimes.Christalyn is apparently fascinated by foozles. She is also one of the fastest runners and fliers of the RayaWitches and RayaWizards.