れんがの軍人少女 "Brick" 巨大な魔女


700 (witch), unknown giant age




Giant mother; most likely a Japanese wizard father

Witch power

Super-size and super-strength

"Brick" is one of the larger witches in existance, coming in at 1,259 feet tall and weighing about 2,739 pounds. She is super-strong and uncontrollable; the only one who can tell her what to do is Zo, for unknown reasons. Her mom is the female leader of the DecaGiants, and her dad is most likely a Japanese wizard. She is one of the three witches in what the other witches/wizards call "The Weirdo Trio". Her name kamikaze means "The officer girl of the brick" and "A giant witch", respectively. Her name is pronounced "Renga no gunjin shōjo kyodaina majo".

(The last part courtesey of AgentGoldfish)