Brennan and Brendan Nathanson
Brennan and Brendan
Brennan (on the left) and Brendan


Brennan-14 (wizard), 13 (human)
Brendan-13 (both wizard and human)

Wizard powers

Brennan-Graphic art
Brendan-Abstract art





Brennan and Brendan are two wizards who long ago mysteriously combined into one. As a result, they have two heads, four arms, and three legs. Often times, when they go down to Earth, they will often try to shove Brendan's head into something, i.e. a sweater or a pointy wizard's hat. They are credited for starting the rumor that wizards wear long, blue pointy hats covered with moons and stars; oddly though, this rumor seems to have started before their birth. Brennan's power is amazing skill at graphic art software; Brendan's is skill at doing abstract art. Of the two wizards, Brennan is the nicest, whereas Brendan is often cranky and rude. As a result, these two rarely get along. It has been hinted that Brennan has a crush on Zo; unfortunately, Brendan cannot stand her. Brennan's birthday is the 25th of January and Brennan's is on Ferbuary 1st. No one is exactly sure why this is. A running gag is that people have a hard time telling the two apart because they look so similar.