Cast of CharactersEdit

The House of CapuletEdit

  • Juliet - SALTINE Darkskull
  • Lord Capulet, her father - TBA
  • Lady Capulet, her mother - TBA
  • Nurse, servant to Juliet - TBA
  • Peter, servant to the Nurse - TBA
  • Tybalt, first cousin to Juliet and nephew to Lady Capulet - TBA
  • 2. Capulet, Capulet's kinsman - TBA
  • Sampson, servant to Capulet - TBA (probably AGENT)
  • Gregory, servant to Capulet - TBA (probably GOLDFISH)
  • Potpan, servant to Capulet - TBA
  • other Servants - TBA

The House of MontagueEdit

  • Romeo - ASDUF Jekyll
  • Lord Montague, his father - TBA (probably JACOB)
  • Lady Montague, his mother - TBA (probably DAWN)
  • Benvolio, first cousing to Romeo and nephew to Lord Montague - TBA
  • Balthasar, servant to Romeo - TBA
  • Abraham, servant to Montague - TBA


  • Chorus, actor(s) who introduce Acts I and II - TBA (either JOHN, J. SMITH, or both)
  • Escalus, Prince of Verona - TBA (probably one of the DW's, but not 10, 2, or 4)
  • Paris, young nobleman and kinsman to the Prince - TBA
  • Page, servant to Paris - TBA
  • Mercutio, friend to Romeo and kinsman to the Prince - TBA
  • Friar Lawrence, Franciscan priest - TBA
  • Friar John, Franciscan priest - TBA
  • Apothecary, pharmacist from Mantua - TBA
  • Musicians, Citezens, Torch-Bearers, Guards, Servants, Attendants, Watchmen, Kinsmen from both houses - anyone else who doesn't have a role in this yet.

Act IEdit



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