Part One: Dang It!Edit

I ran towards the opening as fast as I could, at light-speed. The cackling grew louder as I slowed down. "She won't get me this time.." I muttered. As hard I could try, we both knew I wasn't going to make it. But I had a secret weapon. I ran outside the cave, only to stop before the cliff, which dropped into the Abyss of Death. "Game Over,sis." Zinnah cackled."Hand it over." she pointed at the amulet, the blue crystal pulsing with my heart. "It's a dead end, Alice. Maybe if you surrender, I'll spare your life." my brat of a sister continued. I smirked and remarked, "Not in this lifetime!" I jumped of the cliff, let myself enjoy the freefall, and then.....I let my wings snap out. I flew above the cliff, above the cave, and just for fun, I scooped up some dirt and threw it at Zinnah. Like always, I woke up from my dream. It took a second to notice where I was, in Daisy H's cellar, my safe haven. Ugh, if things were so simple. If I could defeat Zinnah, queen of brats. If I could destroy the AstroAmulet, a gift, a curse.

Part Two: DanvilleEdit

I ran quickly, panting. There was blackness all around me. I couldn't see. I sprinted blindly across the ground. I need to find her, I thought. I need to find her. Somehow, I could tell where I was. The name just came to me. Danville. I stopped suddenly. I make out a silhouette of a house.