Pjet 650D-Adapted from the Gulfstream 650, this private jet aircraft specially designed by and for Dill, is the only one capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, carrying missiles and reach speeds above Mach 8 with only two turbojet engines. As this plane features all of PJet's technology, ranging from the PAFS (PJet Automated Flight System), the PAIPARCS (PJet Advanced Intergrated Positioning and Remote Control System), the advanced PHIS (PJet HUD Integrated Systems) and PAGC (PJet Advanced Glass Cockpit), It was one of the most advanced of it's kind. No other aircraft in the world-ranging from the biggest to the smallest-can surpass the technology that can only be run in the PJet 650D.


  • Engines: 2 Special PJet 650DE
  • Landing Gear: 3
  • Maximum Operating Ceiling: 80000 ft.
  • Cabin Altitude at Max. Operating Ceiling: 6512 ft.
  • Stall Speed: 90 knots
  • Cruise Speed: 500-4320 knots (Mach 8)
  • Maximum Speed: 4800 knots. (Mach 9)
  • Operating Distance at 4320 knots: 15000 Nautical Miles (27780 Kilometers)
  • Capacity: 25 Passengers, 1 Attendant, 2 Pilots
  • Wingspan: 60 Meters
  • Length: 65 Meters
  • Height: 10 Meters (with tail)z
  • Maximum Weight: 70430 kg
  • Takeoff Distance: 5 meters (vertical) 1000 meters
  • Landing Distance: 4 meters (vertical) 1500 meters
  • Flight Systems: PALS (PJet Automated Landing System), PAIPARCS (PJet Advanced Intergrated Positioning and Remote Control System), PHIS (PJet HUD Integrated Systems), PAGC (PJet Advanced Glass Cockpit), PAFWS (Pjet Advanced Fly-by-Wire System), PLight S (PLight Easy Aviation-S Class), ZARVOX, PHIN-II, PAS (PJet Advanced Avionics System), PJet Advanced++ basic systems.
  • Interior Systems: PJet Entertain ++ basic entertainment systems, WiFi (with High-Speed Internet), iPlanePad tablet computers, PAICS (PJet Apple Device Intergrated Control System), advanced basic entertainment systems (Such as TVs, Blu-Ray Players, etc.), PHIN-II, ZARVOX
  • Lavatories: Back (with shower)
  • Galley: Front
  • Windows: 20 Panoramic Windows
  • Doors: 1 main door (with airstairs), 4 exit windows.

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